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  • Slouch Socks

    Experience the classic style of our American made heavy Slouch socks that are great for the gym, workouts, exercises, free time, dance, yoga, etc.  Extra-long, extra heavy, extra slouchy Stylish push-down length Popular with both women and girls, so pick your favorite colors. Our Heavy Slouch Socks are stylish and perfect for dance or working out! Made from 80% cotton and 20% nylon, these socks provide the support and flexibility you need! Featuring a double cushioned foot for comfort and a reciprocated heel and toe for the perfect fit

    Proudly made in the USA

    Slouch Socks 
  • Diabetic Socks

    Physician’s Choice diabetic socks from doctors are ideal for diabetics and individuals searching for a cozy sock that will not restrict their blood flow. The poly-cotton mid-weight blend fabric keeps your feet warm and the loose-fit top enables maximum circulation while compression socks can make your feet cold due to the absence of blood circulation. In order to keep your feet dry and comfortable, our exclusive technology rapidly draws moisture from your skin. Removing the build-up of moisture reduces the hot spots and also the friction that causes blisters. These are high-quality men's and women's diabetic socks. The unique sock design is specifically tailored to be non-restrictive and promotes blood circulation, which makes for the perfect diabetic socks, edema socks, and neuropathy socks.

    Made in the USA, they use a breathable blend of cotton and polyester, which provides the perfect elasticity to provide support but retain circulation.

    Diabetic Socks 
  • Athletic Socks

    Get the ultimate mixture of softness and strength in our iconic American made Athletic socks produced from premium cushioned cotton that absorbs sweat to maintain your feet comfortable and provide much-needed breathability during all-season wear.  Because you don't have time to mess with bunch-up or slide-down socks, these great socks just have the appropriate quality of cross stretch socks to remain in place for a snug performance fit and all-day convenience.

    Cotton blend | Proudly made in the USA

    Athletic Socks