About Us

We believe in keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and socks are one of the most important contributors in your style statement. When it comes to personal style, there’s no better accessory to express your individuality than trendy socks! Even though socks have been a wardrobe staple for centuries, nowadays, there are (thankfully) many more options to choose from, rather than “basic” and “boring.”  you can find bright, bold styles which suit every personality and every occasion.

As a master of the line, the organization has a skill in the choice of the fiber utilized in the manufacturing of its items. Fibers, incorporating cotton utilized in by us react to high requests that past the norms of value, should likewise enroll as per the standards of maintainable turn of events. Tidy up your hope to pass on the idiosyncratic character you ordinarily leave hidden by picking some great plans. Regardless of whether you go for argyle, plaid, polka dabs, crazy outsiders, or umbrellas, they have you secured for all climate and circumstances. Heading off to the rec center? Snatch some lower leg or low profile socks. Going to work? There are liners just as flake-out loafer socks.

You may need more sober hues for the boardroom but they could showcase more fun motifs. Geometric designs in yellow or parrot green could reflect your inner need for order even as you display your sense of irreverence. Or you can choose to show your true colors in neon! There's plenty to play with whether you buy pairs from their shop or subscribe for a year's supply.

We always like to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends to have our sock game on pint.